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Update: “To Copyright APIs, or Not to Copyright, That is the Question”

We wanted to follow-up with MFT Nation readers to let them know that our recent blog entitled: “To Copyright APIs, or Not to Copyright, That is the Question,”  was recently featured in an article by the publication (more)

Don’t Let a Data Breach Affect Your Bottom Line: The Benefits of Securing Your Corporate IT Data

Homeland Security deemed November 2014 “Critical Infrastructure Security & Resilience Month.”  This initiative was targeted at both individuals and corporate America, with the goal being to help generate awareness about the importance of securing the assets, systems and networks that we all count on every day.

As a follow-up to Critical Infrastructure Security & Resilience Month, we want to update our MFT Nation readers on how securing their corporate IT data can help their organizations improve the bottom line.  It seems every week we hear and read about new data or security breaches.  The impact a breach can have on a business of any size could be devastating, with the consequences including financial and reputational risks ranging from significant to catastrophic. (more)

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