About Us

There was a need.

There was a reason.

It was a calling.

Secure file transfer or managed file transfer (MFT) changed forever late in the 1980s when two senior computer scientists from the largest, most powerful computing corporation in the world joined forces to form a new venture they hoped would make things better for those involved in electronic data transfers.  That venture has grown into the company we know today as bTrade.

The founders’ original vision was to create sophisticated compression algorithms which would help companies save millions of dollars (then) on data transmissions over pay-per-kilo-character lines.  They succeeded, and the compression algorithms proved to be groundbreaking for the managed file transfer industry.  Later, this vision evolved to include very high-bit encryption.  The combined compression/encryption product was a hit with companies and organizations of all sizes.

As bTrade grew and changed, so did the requirements for moving and securing data.  With the advent of the public Internet, the natural progression was the creation of technologies which essentially became the first iterations of today’s managed file transfer.  bTrade has continued to evolve by keeping a focus on being ahead of the curve, while at the same time, preserving and enhancing its core competencies for a new and sophisticated world.

Look for bTrade to provide efficient, innovative and holistic solutions that work with your global requirements.  We have the experience and the foresight to handle your sophisticated global needs because we have “been there and done that.”  No one is better suited than bTrade to help you win the battle of secure 24/7/365 managed file transfer.

bTrade has experienced several phases of growth and change, each adding to the company and its vision.  In its current phase, bTrade is positioned to provide the best human resources (over fifty years of combined MFT product and market knowledge) and the best technology (the most tested, powerful and stable MFT solution in the world).  And the mission will continue with consistent innovation and one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry. In short…

bTrade is MFT.

Delivering Innovative and Secure Managed File Transfer Solutions

bTrade has been delivering innovative and secure managed file transfer (MFT) software solutions to hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide since its founding in 1990 by eBusiness visionaries. For over 20 years, bTrade has helped its customers transmit data safely, both internally and externally, through a proven secure managed file transfer process.

Our company legacy is a living force that drives our constant quest to perfect the managed file transfer process. bTrade is defined by the collective wisdom generated from over 20 years of insight and innovation in the secure managed file transfer field. Our commitment to and focus on our core purpose—MFT software solutions—has earned us the trust and confidence of our many customers.

bTrade Quality

As technology and MFT solutions have rapidly advanced in the past 20 years, bTrade has also advanced its secure managed file transfer solutions. With movements toward secure collaboration and compliance, the business world has been evolving rapidly too. At bTrade, our primary calling is to develop quality, secure MFT solutions that enable all organizations to meet their data transmission needs. We delight in the architecture and engineering behind our software solutions. It is this enduring pursuit to perfect the MFT process that makes bTrade the preferred provider of MFT solutions.

bTrade Sustainability

With enthusiasm matched only by our passion for quality, we have invested significant time, knowledge, and resources in making our operation clean and green. We are committed to improving the way we do business in relation to society and to the environment. To that end, we have reduced the amount of energy/water consumption and waste produced, improved employment policies, and raised staff and customer awareness. In short, we have instituted practices that help reduce the impact of our business on the environment.

bTrade People/Customers

We know the secure managed file transfer challenges you face, and we have the people and the breadth of knowledge to help you overcome those challenges. bTrade’s leadership has helped many companies that you know and respect overcome these challenges. We are proud to say that many of these customers have long-standing relationships with us. We can do it for you and your company too.

bTrade Diversity

bTrade is a minority owned and managed company which has been certified by the National Minority Supplier Development Council as a “Minority Business Enterprise.” We have a rich tradition of supporting and encouraging diversity of people, viewpoints and visions for future success.


Mission Statement

bTrade is a global technology leader in managed file transfer (MFT) solutions and MFT services. We are committed to continuous innovation in technology and to exceeding the needs and requirements of our diverse customer base. We build long-term relationships with customers that need innovative managed file transfer solutions by:

bTrade partners with large enterprises, as well as small and mid-sized businesses, to facilitate secure MFT solutions. By delivering on our commitments and providing outstanding customer service, we strive to be the cornerstone and pillar of our customers’ data security needs. It is our goal to help our customers build strong, secure, and productive relationships with their clients in a way that helps our customers achieve their business and profit objectives.


Our vision at bTrade is to become the premier global provider of compression and managed file transfer solutions by continually evolving and improving our technology. With a laser focus on meeting this objective, we strive to incorporate our best, most stable managed file transfer technologies into the complex IT environments of leading companies and organizations worldwide. Our goal is to provide robust, easy-to-operate, and simple-to-deploy managed file transfer platforms that minimize the complexities of transferring data across-platform, across-industry, and around the globe.

We are committed to delivering cost-effective solutions that proactively prevent risk events and compliance violations while ensuring proper governance. At bTrade, we pride ourselves on offering seamless migration from heritage technologies to our cutting-edge solutions. Our dedication to providing exceptional, consistent deliverables to each and every customer drives us forward on our path to becoming the premier global provider of compression and managed file transfer solutions.

Our People

Heather Purse
CEO and Managing Member


Don Miller
President and General Counsel


Hanz Jorgensen
COO and Managing Member


Andrei Olin
Chief Technology Officer


Theresa Perez
VP of Finance and Accounting


Clifton Gonsalves
VP of Engineering


Scott Beland
Director of Customer Support


Jeremy Allen
VP of Marketing


Steve Zapata
Former CEO and Managing Member of bTrade

Advisory Board

Michael Davidovich
President and CEO of Direct EDI, Inc.

Advisory Board

Aivars Lode
Chairman & CEO, Avantce Private Equity and Investments LLP

Advisory Board

Hatem El-Sebaaly
CEO of Bayroot Technology

Advisory Board


Client Testimonials

Find out what our customers have to say about us.

Provides Critical Data Security
"TDXchange provides the data security that is critical to PHARMSOFT, as well as the electronic reporting required by our partners and customers."

Paul-Peter Pokojski


Consistently Provides Timely, High Quality Customer Support
"We’ve enjoyed our long partnership with bTrade using its suite of software solutions to securely transmit data to and from end points globally. bTrade’s team of experts have consistently provided timely, high quality customer support."

Todd Miller

President, The Camry Group

Customer Support is Outstanding
"Their customer support is outstanding and when we have a question (which isn’t often), my calls or emails are answered right away."

Eileen Newell

Systems Manager of FGX International

Exceptional Service Level
"We receive an exceptional service level from the bTrade technical support team and know our needs will be taken care of based on their consistent track record."

Levy Home Entertainment

Information Technology

Stable, Reliable and Secure Best Practice Solution
"For over fifteen years, bTrade has provided FedEx with a stable, reliable, and secure best practice solution for managed file transfer service. We chose bTrade because we cannot tolerate any instability or security risks."


IT Manager

Support Team is Responsive, Helpful, and Very Knowledgeable
"The bTrade support team is responsive, helpful, and very knowledgeable every time you need them. They are head and shoulders above the ‘other guys’."

Calvin Ellens

Manager, Information Systems, Westbrook Floral

Secure, Scalable and Intuitive File Transfer Solution
"bTrade’s TDAccess is a secure, scalable and an intuitive file transfer solution that has been easily integrated into our existing infrastructure."

David Wade

CIO for Primerica Inc

MFT Solution Has Given Us Flexibility and Piece of Mind
"Bank IT environments today need robust, scalable solutions that can accommodate every phase of business growth. bTrade’s managed file transfer solution has given us flexibility and piece of mind knowing that our communications are secure."

David Crockett

Network Engineer, Union Bank of California

Save 60 Minutes in File Transmission Times
"By using TDAccess, we have saved 60 minutes in file transmission time. These 60 minutes are very significant as it allows us to scale and grow our business and still meet our incredibly tight Service Level Agreements. Thanks to bTrade for helping us achieve business results."

Vice President

$1.5 Trillion Multinational Financial Services Company, Boston, MA