Customer Success Program

bTrade Customer Success Program

The bTrade Customer Success Program works with secure file transfer innovators and business leaders to promote best practices in the use of MFT. As a company whose sole purpose is to provide the best available MFT solutions, we focus only on MFT and believe that this enables bTrade to be the industry leader in the MFT industry. The goal of the bTrade customer success program is to provide a platform  for customers to work with bTrade to highlight secure file transfer best practices.  We have a proven track record of innovation and reliability in managed file transfer solutions and a long list of customers that have benefited from our solutions and expertise. The program showcases how organizations use and benefit from the bTrade secure file transfer solutions. Customer success program participants come from a variety of industries and hold a range of positions at their companies ranging from manager to senior executive.

Participating in the bTrade customer success program offers several benefits, including increased recognition for their work, added visibility for their company, peer-to-peer networking, the ability to develop stronger relationships with bTrade, and the opportunity to provide input on future product releases. For bTrade, customer success program members provide invaluable feedback on customer satisfaction, platform reliability, and system capabilities. By enabling customers to become part of discussions about our solutions, we are able to provide the solutions they need when they need them. The first-hand accounts of customer experiences with bTrade software that we receive from the program are extremely important for our customers and for bTrade’s marketing and sales activities.

What's Involved?

The bTrade marketing team works with our MFT solutions’ customers to identify customer success program activities. Once completed, we create a reference roadmap that aligns with both short and long-term interests, making it easy to share a customer’s story with the right audience at the right time. Customers can select from several program activities that include, but are not limited to:

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We welcome participation in the bTrade Customer Success Program. To learn more about the customer success program or for more information, please send an email to