Customer Success Program


bTrade’s managed file transfer Technical Support Organization is composed of industry professionals who are knowledgeable in all aspects of communications, security software and managed file transfer.  Our team has in-depth knowledge of networking, mail platforms, hardware, and operating systems which are used to assist all supported bTrade managed file transfer customers and partners.  Each member receives ongoing product training from our Engineering Department related to new features, protocols and security standards. Whether installing and configuring a new bTrade environment or troubleshooting complex issues, our Technical Support Organization possesses the expertise and commitment needed to quickly resolve issues.

bTrade provides support to customers who have a valid license agreement in place and whose maintenance fees are current.

Key Support Features
  • 24-hour access to the bTrade Support Portal, which allows our managed file transfer customers to create and track tickets
  • Quick response times to initial request
  • Experienced, knowledgeable, and customer-focused staff
  • Timely updates on open incidents
  • Accelerated response time for production incidents

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