bTrade products and solutions power many of the Fortune 50’s largest trading networks. bTrade’s secure managed file transfer (MFT) solutions are for organizations that share sensitive data across applications and organizations and face complex security and compliance mandates. Thousands of customers depend on bTrade solutions to gain control and oversight of the movement of critical corporate data to facilitate data growth, reduce security risk, and improve IT and business efficiency. bTrade’s TDXchange offers a suite of trusted, secure, managed file transfer solutions that meet the needs of customers ranging from small companies to those of the largest corporations in the world.

TDXchange is a flexible, infinitely expandable, and full-featured solution that meets the needs of any company. Please visit our TDXchange page for more information or contact bTrade.

bTrade’s World-Class, Secure Gateway for Secure Managed File Transfer

The managed file transfer (MFT) process is dynamic and constantly changing. It needs to adapt quickly to meet the needs of the ever-changing environment between trading partners, as well as diverse requirements to share data between various platforms whether they are located across the street or around the world. The requirement for a vetted, secure managed file transfer solution is at the pinnacle of any viable infrastructure, and the ability to exchange data in a reliable and managed fashion is critical to the stability and growth of any company. Regular transmissions with your community are, in all essence, the lifeblood of the enterprise, and therefore need to be reliable, scalable, and guaranteed.

TDCloud takes the burden of hardware out of the equation, thereby providing an economic platform for your company’s MFT needs, but with all of the functionality which is required to trade files with rapid deployment. Please visit our TDCloud page for more information or contact bTrade.

Virtual Infrastructure Merged with the Most Stable and Reliable Secure Managed File Transfer Solution Affords Organizations Easy Entry to Meet their Stringent Requirements

bTrade‘s TDCloud offers full secure managed file transfer (MFT) functionality in a SAAS managed file transfer solution in the cloud. Built as a virtual SAAS managed file transfer solution to offer bTrade’s award-winning secure MFT solutions, TDCloud allows you to focus on what you do and not on managing hardware and technology. With seamless and rapid deployment, TDCloud scales with your organization and your data is easily migrated to a local deployment, if desired.

TDConnect is a single trading partner endpoint based on the TDXchange architecture and can have multiple users per endpoint to support AS1, AS2, FTP/S, HTTP/S, or S/FTP exchanges. Currently supported on x86 platform operating systems. Please visit our TDConnect page for more information or contact bTrade.

Tremendous Functionality From a Cohesive, Browser-Based, Zero-Footprint Endpoint

bTrade‘s TDConnect is a browser-based endpoint solution with multiple-user capability for secure managed file transfer (MFT). TDConnect supports AS1, AS2, FTP/S, HTTP/S or S/FTP exchanges. Currently supported on x86 platform operating systems, TDConnect is a single trading partner endpoint based on the TDXchange architecture.

TDAccess can be run on multiple platforms, including AS400/iSeries and MVS/zSeries. Please visit our TDAccess page for more information or contact bTrade.

The Most Relevant Secure Endpoint Deployed; Offering Optimum Encryption/Compression as well as EDIINT Support

bTrade‘s TDAccess is a key component of our market-leading managed file transfer (MFT) solution with EDIINT support. TDAccess is the most widely used EDI AS2 endpoint in the Americas because of its best-of-breed, cross-platform compression and transmission. It can be run on multiple platforms, including all x86, AS400/iSeries and MVS/zSeries and is the safe and secure way for trading partners to communicate with other hubs for secure MFT transmissions.

TDCompress has a long history of trusted performance. Its functionality is widely considered to be the best, most-trusted encryption/compression utility in the world. Please visit our TDCompress page for more information or contact bTrade.

World-Class, Ultra-Efficient Encryption and Compression Which Performs at Amazing Speeds Across Most Platforms

Secure managed file transfer with cross-platform compression, encryption, and authentication is delivered with bTrade‘s TDCompress. The TDCompress platform enables customers to compress, encrypt and authenticate data files for cross-platform file transfer over public and private networks. TDCompress can be bundled with TDXchange’s other series of endpoints to address specific cross-platform file transfer needs.