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Is your current MFT solution underperforming? You're not alone. At bTrade, we've spent over two decades perfecting TDXchange, the premier MFT platform that's secure, reliable, and scalable for all businesses.

Ensuring Robust Data Security for Your Peace of Mind

Your data is your most valuable asset, and safeguarding it is non-negotiable. With our cutting-edge solutions and proactive approach, your sensitive information is shielded from threats and breaches, giving you the confidence to focus on your core business.

Seamlessly Transfer Data with Utmost Security

Experience the seamless exchange of critical data with our Secure Data Movement service. From large files to real-time data streams, our solutions empower your business with efficient and secure data transfers, empowering you to collaborate with confidence.

Unlocking Limitless Possibilities with File Transfer Horizon

Seamlessly connect with partners, customers, and team members, locally or globally, through a user-friendly interface. Explore new opportunities, maximize productivity, and embrace the future of file transfer with bTrade's File Transfer Horizon.

Trusted by Leading Companies

Discover the Power of Comprehensive MFT Solutions

TDXchange, trusted by 150,000+ customers worldwide, is bTrade's infinitely scalable and secure MFT solution, enabling companies of all sizes to connect with trading partners and exchange data securely.

Supporting multiple protocols, TDXchange accommodates diverse industries, including EDI, financial services, and ERP. TDXchange's benefits include flexible deployment, scalability, ease of use, end-to-end tracking, multi-platform support, and seamless B2B systems integration.

bTrade offers a suite of tools that work with TDXchange to provide the most comprehensive MTF solution:

TDXchange is a full-featured, secure MFT solution with robust, intelligent, and scalable functionality for seamless and efficient data exchange across industries.
TDCloud is a flexible and scalable SaaS MFT solution built on the TDXchange platform that supports multiple protocols and requires minimal capital investment.
TDConnect is a browser-based endpoint solution with multiple protocol support, built on the TDXchange architecture and reliable trading community connections.
TDAccess is the leading EDI AS2 endpoint in the Americas, offering secure cross-platform MTF transmissions.
TDCompress delivers seamless cross-platform encryption, compression, and authentication while supporting various EDI data formats and smooth VAN routing.

Why Choose bTrade's MTF Solutions?

We understand that you have options when it comes to MFT solutions. That's why we've designed our products to be the best choice for companies that value top-notch support and innovative, feature-rich platforms. Our secret? First-class development staff and unparalleled commitment to our customers.
Here's what our solutions offer:
Sleep easy, knowing your sensitive files are protected with state-of-the-art encryption and authentication methods. We take data security seriously so you don't have to worry.
Say goodbye to interrupted transfers and data loss. Our solutions are built for speed and stability, ensuring your files get where they need to go, fast and error-free.
Ease of Use
Not a tech guru? No problem! Our user-friendly interfaces make sending and receiving files a breeze, even for the less tech-savvy.
Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, our solutions have got your back. The TDxchange platform and our complementary solutions are designed to grow with your business, making them future-proof investments.
Meeting strict industry standards like HIPAA, SOC2, and PCI-DSS is a piece of cake with our products. Stay compliant without breaking a sweat.

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Q: Which databases does TDXchange support?

A: The relational H2 database is used for less complex deployments, while MSSQL and Oracle are used for larger and more scalable solutions.

Q: What Operating Systems are supported?

A: TDAccess can be deployed on all flavors of UNIX/Linux and Windows, as well as on AS/400 and MVS platforms.

Q: How complex is TDXchange to install and configure?

A: You can have a single instance of TDX up and running, configured, and ready to start exchanging files within a matter of minutes.

Q: Why choose bTrade products?

A: Since 1990, we have been customer focused and have established ourselves as a leader in secure and managed file transfers.  Our customers play a direct role in shaping our product roadmap, and your success is our success.

Client Testimonials

Find out what our customers have to say about us.

Provides Critical Data Security
"TDXchange provides the data security that is critical to PHARMSOFT, as well as the electronic reporting required by our partners and customers."

Paul-Peter Pokojski


Consistently Provides Timely, High Quality Customer Support
"We’ve enjoyed our long partnership with bTrade using its suite of software solutions to securely transmit data to and from end points globally. bTrade’s team of experts have consistently provided timely, high quality customer support."

Todd Miller

President, The Camry Group

Customer Support is Outstanding
"Their customer support is outstanding and when we have a question (which isn’t often), my calls or emails are answered right away."

Eileen Newell

Systems Manager of FGX International

Exceptional Service Level
"We receive an exceptional service level from the bTrade technical support team and know our needs will be taken care of based on their consistent track record."

Levy Home Entertainment

Information Technology

Stable, Reliable and Secure Best Practice Solution
"For over fifteen years, bTrade has provided FedEx with a stable, reliable, and secure best practice solution for managed file transfer service. We chose bTrade because we cannot tolerate any instability or security risks."


IT Manager

Support Team is Responsive, Helpful, and Very Knowledgeable
"The bTrade support team is responsive, helpful, and very knowledgeable every time you need them. They are head and shoulders above the ‘other guys’."

Calvin Ellens

Manager, Information Systems, Westbrook Floral

Secure, Scalable and Intuitive File Transfer Solution
"bTrade’s TDAccess is a secure, scalable and an intuitive file transfer solution that has been easily integrated into our existing infrastructure."

David Wade

CIO for Primerica Inc

MFT Solution Has Given Us Flexibility and Piece of Mind
"Bank IT environments today need robust, scalable solutions that can accommodate every phase of business growth. bTrade’s managed file transfer solution has given us flexibility and piece of mind knowing that our communications are secure."

David Crockett

Network Engineer, Union Bank of California

Save 60 Minutes in File Transmission Times
"By using TDAccess, we have saved 60 minutes in file transmission time. These 60 minutes are very significant as it allows us to scale and grow our business and still meet our incredibly tight Service Level Agreements. Thanks to bTrade for helping us achieve business results."

Vice President

$1.5 Trillion Multinational Financial Services Company, Boston, MA

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October 12, 2023

Welcoming Andrei Olin: Our New Chief Technology Officer with a Vision for the Future

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September 14, 2023

Student Aid Internet Gateway (“SAIG”) Relies on bTrade Technology to Secure Critical Financial Aid Payments and Documents

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March 29, 2023

bTrade is Recognized by a Leading Managed File Transfer (“MFT”) Industry Analyst as the Best Mid-Market MFT Solution

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July 19, 2024

NIST Identifies Four Quantum-Safe Encryption Algorithms

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Don Miller
June 24, 2024

Data Security in the Quantum Era with Managed File Transfer and Quantum-Safe Encryption

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Don Miller
June 12, 2024

Safeguarding Your Data: A Vital Step in Today's Threatening Cyber Landscape

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