Student Aid Internet Gateway (“SAIG”) Relies on bTrade Technology to Secure Critical Financial Aid Payments and Documents

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bTrade, the industry-leading compression and managed file transfer (MFT) provider, today announced a new case study detailing how an office of the U.S. Department of Education relies on bTrade’s Managed File Transfer (MFT) technology for the secure exchange of data with their Federal Student Aid Application Systems, as well as managing thousands of critical documents and trading partners.

In today’s all-too-common world of data security breaches, federal agencies need file transfer systems that are easy to use, reliable, and scalable for efficiency.  Most importantly, file transfer solutions must be secure and adhere to a broad set of regulatory requirements.  This particular government customer needed an MFT solution to leverage the internet for the secure exchange of data with students and their families, as well as the numerous outside organizations with which it transacts business.  To address these challenges, an online portal was created, powered by bTrade technology, called the Student Aid Internet Gateway (“SAIG”).  Through SAIG, users can securely send, receive and manage student aid information electronically.

The bTrade solution has proven to be reliable and provides the type of data security the customer expects, as evidenced by this excerpt from a recent RFP:

SAIG is a system built on top of the bTrade's MFT product suite that is widely used in the banking industry.  Currently, it has 44,386 active mailboxes, 20,179,091 average monthly transmissions for the past year, and 261 TB in volume. The number of Tier III Help Desk Tickets has averaged 1 to 2 escalations per/month over the past year.  It is a very stable system.  Its main purpose is to support sending and receiving Privacy Act data to the Title IV systems for processing or reporting on financial aid.

“Going beyond data encryption and security, bTrade offered a unified solution for SAIG”, commented Hanz Jorgensen, COO and Managing Member of bTrade.   “By providing visibility, security, and control over transaction flows, bTrade has helped the agency streamline operations and processes for exchanging financial information and documents electronically.”

Read the online SAIG case study.

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