Q: Why choose bTrade products?

A: Since 1990, we have been customer focused and have established ourselves as a leader in secure and managed file transfers. Our customers play a direct role in shaping our product roadmap, and your success is our success.

Q: How complex is TDXchange to install and configure?

A: You can have a single instance of TDX up and running, configured, and ready to start exchanging files within a matter of minutes.

Q: What Operating Systems are supported?

A: TDXchange can be deployed on all flavors of UNIX/Linux and Windows. TDAccess can be deployed on all flavors of UNIX/Linux and Windows, as well as on AS/400 and MVS platforms.

Q: Which databases does TDXchange support?

A: The relational H2 database is used for less complex deployments, while MSSQL and Oracle are used for larger and more scalable solutions.

Q: If I need TDXchange to handle hundreds of thousands or even millions of transfers per day, can it handle it?

A: Numerous TDX customers use it in enterprise environments, supporting up to several million transfers per day on a single node instance. However, TDX can also be horizontally scaled using bTrade High Availability/multi-node solution or other autoscaling solutions such as Kubernetes.

Q: If I have a simple environment and only need to transfer a small number of files, can bTrade provide a cost-effective solution?

A: bTrade has several options for this, including a stand-alone TDAccess solution (which can function as both a client and a server) that runs on any operating system, as well as TDXchange with a simplified configuration (controlled by license).

Q: If I have a multi-tiered environment with servers in the DMZ and a trusted network, how does bTrade support it?

A: bTrade's TDX solutions have a Relay component that is deployed in the DMZ and connected with the TDX server located in the secured network. This solution also supports bTrade high-availability clustering.

Q: What protocols are supported?

A: We support all widely used protocols, including SFTP, FTP(S), AS1, AS2, HTTP(S), SMTP/POP, SSH, as well as our proprietary AFTP (Accelerated File Transfer Protocol), which is used by media and banking companies to transfer large amounts of data quickly.

Q: Can TDXchange be installed in the cloud?

A: Absolutely!