bTrade products and solutions power many of the Fortune 50’s largest trading networks. bTrade’s secure managed file transfer (MFT) solutions are for organizations that share sensitive data across applications and organizations and face complex security and compliance mandates. Thousands of customers depend on bTrade solutions to gain control and oversight of the movement of critical corporate data to facilitate data growth, reduce security risk, and improve IT and business efficiency. bTrade’s TDXchange offers a suite of trusted, secure, managed file transfer solutions that meet the needs of customers ranging from small companies to those of the largest corporations in the world.

TDAccess can be run on multiple platforms, including AS400/iSeries and MVS/zSeries. Please visit our TDAccess page for more information or contact bTrade.

The Most Relevant Secure Endpoint Deployed; Offering Optimum Encryption/Compression as well as EDIINT Support

bTrade‘s TDAccess is a key component of our market-leading managed file transfer (MFT) solution with EDIINT support. TDAccess is the most widely used EDI AS2 endpoint in the Americas because of its best-of-breed, cross-platform compression and transmission. It can be run on multiple platforms, including all x86, AS400/iSeries and MVS/zSeries and is the safe and secure way for trading partners to communicate with other hubs for secure MFT transmissions.

TDAccess is a secure, readily deployable MFT solution that easily links business applications and processes to a variety of existing trading communities, IP gateways, private portals, public marketplaces, and even EDI VANs. It automatically performs all compression, decompression, encryption, decryption, and all other security functions necessary to interoperate with diverse trading partners. This allows you to use it within the diverse computing environment in which you work and recommend it to your partners regardless of their operating preferences.

TDAccess should be an integral part of your managed file transfer needs because it is:

  • Flexible: Supports EDIINT solutions, EDI Vans, EDI endpoint, AS2 endpoints, among others
  • Cost-Effective: Our ability to keep costs down ensures that you will receive pricing that is significantly lower than our competitors
  • Versatile: Supported on all the major platforms and a wide variety of operating systems, including AS400/iSeries, MVS/zSeries, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Linux, and Windows
  • Stable: The core of the code base has been around since 1990, so it is time-tested
  • Secure: Cryptography received the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 validation, a requirement for any cryptographic module that will be used by a U.S. government department or agency
  • Used globally: TDAccess is eligible for export under ECCN 5D992, which enables our customers to have a large install base worldwide

For more information on TDAccess or other secure managed file transfer needs, please  contact bTrade.