Welcoming Andrei Olin: Our New Chief Technology Officer with a Vision for the Future

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bTrade, the industry-leading compression, encryption and managed file transfer (MFT) provider, is thrilled to announce the newest addition to its leadership team, Andrei Olin, who has joined as Chief Technology Officer.  With an impressive track record in technology, especially secure managed file transfer, Andrei is poised to steer our company towards even greater horizons.

A Glimpse into Andrei’s Background

Andrei brings over 30 years of experience in complex software development, UNIX/Linux engineering, implementation of information security solutions, B2B/MFT and messaging platforms, archiving, records management, and eDiscovery.  Having worked with major investment banks, hedge funds and startups, he is no stranger to challenges and the dynamics of rapidly evolving industries.  His approach to leadership, characterized by collaborative decision-making, data-driven strategies, and a strong desire create the best secure managed file transfer solutions, has consistently delivered results.

Charting the Course: A Message from Andrei

In the near future, Andrei will provide his thoughts about the future of bTrade’s secure managed file transfer solutions from the prospective of a CTO who has lived in this space for many years.

Forward Together

As we welcome Andrei, we're filled with optimism about the future.  With a clear vision, a dynamic approach, and a deep understanding of our industry's intricacies, we are confident in our journey ahead.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this exciting chapter together!