bTrade is Recognized by a Leading Managed File Transfer (“MFT”) Industry Analyst as the Best Mid-Market MFT Solution

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bTrade, the industry-leading compression, encryption and managed file transfer (MFT) provider, announced that it was recognized by Info-Tech Research Group (“Info-Tech”) as the #1mid-market MFT provider.  The recognition comes after Info-Tech evaluated a select group MFT companies/solutions and is memorialized in a report titled “Product Scorecard.”  Info-Tech produces Product Scorecards on MFT vendors to help MFT buyers make better purchasing decisions.  Data in each Product Scorecard “is collected from real end users’ of the product analyzed in an exhaustive fashion with extensive data analytics.”

The Product Scorecard has a section captioned “Multi-Category Overview” in which Info-Tech assigns a “composite satisfaction score” which “is an average of four different areas of evaluation:  Net Emotional Footprint, Vendor Capabilities, Product Features, and Likeliness to Recommend.”  bTrade received a Composite Score of 9.3 out of 10.   

bTrade’s MFT solutions were given the highest scores in most of the areas of evaluation, performing exceptionally well in the “Emotional Footprint” category—which“ measures user emotional response ratings of the vendor (e.g., trustworthy, respectful, fair).”  According to Info-Tech, Emotional Footprint is important because “purchasing decisions not only rely on data and facts, but also gut instinct and emotional inputs.”  Info-Tech emphasized the importance of the Emotional Footprint category, saying a “vendor’s Emotional Footprint can influence whether a client chooses to do business with the organization.”

bTrade also scored exceptionally well in the “data and facts” categories.  In the “Product Feature” category, bTrade scored #1 in six of the 11sub-categories—Transport Security, Data Fidelity, Encryption/Decryption, Session Monitoring, LDAP Support, and Quota Bandwidth Control.  In the “Vendor Capability” section, bTrade also scored #1 in six of the 11sub-categories—Breadth of Features, Business Value Created, Usability and Intuitiveness, Product Strategy and Rate of Improvement, Ease of IT Administration, and Availability and Quality of Training.  In all the categories bTrade scored above the category average based on the scores of the other MFT vendors involved in the report.

“Weare honored to be recognized by Info-Tech Research Group,” commented Hanz Jorgensen, bTrade’s Chief Operating Officer.   “This ranking reflects our commitment to a holistic solution which tackles all MFT requirements and contains the best-of-breed data transmission, compression and encryption technologies.  Our solutions are designed to meet the critical and changing needs of the MFT market, and more importantly, the demand for a solution that is easy-to-use, deploy and operate, and affords users full governance, compliance, mitigated risk, and transparency.”

To access the Info-Tech Research Group Managed File Transfer Vendor Landscape report, please visit here.

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About bTrade

bTrade develops managed file transfer technology solutions for enterprises that share sensitive data across applications and organizations, and face complex security and compliance mandates.  The result of bTrade's twenty plus years of MFT experience and innovation is TDXchange -- the optimal, reliable, and secure managed file transfer platform. TDXchange is a full-featured, secure MFT solution with robust, intelligent, and scalable functionality. It allows companies of all sizes to link easily with other servers and trade data securely, both internally and externally. It is a flexible, infinitely expandable, and complete MFT solution that meets the data transfer needs of any company. TDXchange is built on the strength and success bTrade's secure MFT platform.