Minority Business Enterprise Certification Attained by bTrade

Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certification was granted to bTrade by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC). Steve Zapata, President and CEO of bTrade, commented on the MBE certification:  “As an organization that has a long history of supporting and promoting diversity and Minority Business Enterprise initiatives, we highly value this prestigious MBE certification.  We are committed to promoting the values that the Minority Business Enterprise certification represents, and we are honored to be recognized in this way.”

NMSDC Certification is the Gold Standard

Chartered in 1972, NMSDC is the premier minority business advocacy organization in the United States.  NMSDC’s vast network includes 38 regional Councils nationwide and more than 3,500 of the world’s largest publicly, privately, and foreign-owned companies.  NMSDC’s rigorous certification process is considered by corporate America as the gold standard for certifying minority-owned businesses.

MBE certification is accepted and generally required by many of the largest publicly, privately and foreign-owned companies, as well as universities, hospitals and other buying institutions.  The nearly 200 corporate members of NMSDC, who represent a “Who’s Who” in corporate America, are eager to do business with highly qualified, minority-certified firms such as bTrade.


MBE Certification Process

NMSDC established stringent certification standards which identify bona fide minority businesses, and the regional Councils do the investigation to determine whether a business is worthy of Minority Business Enterprise certification.  bTrade worked with the wonderful people at the Southern California Minority Business Development Council (SCMBDC).  SCMBDC performed a combination of screenings, interviews and site visits to establish bTrade’s eligibility.


Over and above the Minority Business Enterprise certification, bTrade has a rich heritage of supporting and encouraging diversity of people, viewpoints and visions for future success.  As such, we are committed to equitable treatment and elimination of discrimination in all its forms at all organizational levels.