Let’s Talk Managed File Transfer at the NEECOM Conference

Don Miller

If data security and data integrity are important to you, then you’ll understand why any organization interested in protecting its data would be at the NEECOM User Group on October 17, 2013.  The bTrade team will be exhibiting and our Vice President of Global Sales, Jerome Mendell, will be presenting a session entitled: “Consolidating Data Movement for a Smarter Supply Chain.” The presentation will cover how organizations can mitigate and control data security risks by consolidating all its data movement into a single managed file transfer platform.  Jerome is an experienced managed file transfer professional and has been well-received during his previous NEECOM speaking engagements.

For over twenty years, bTrade has helped its customers transmit data safely through secure managed file transfer with proven compliance, both internally and externally; protecting sensitive data for all companies including enterprise, non-profit and government institutions.

The result of bTrade’s twenty plus years of managed file transfer experience and innovation is secureXchange—the optimal, secure and ultimately reliable managed file transfer platform.  Participating in the annual NEECOM event provides the opportunity for organizations to come and see how they can exchange data more effectively and securely with their trading partners, customer’s employees and internal systems.  They will also learn how to proactively meet industry and government compliance requirements and how to integrate secureXchange into their overall security and risk management strategy.

Features like real-time cyber-attack monitoring, data-at-rest and in-motion, ad-hoc file delivery all have been generating a lot of buzz.

NEECOM is a nonprofit organization whose members consist of organizations of all sizes from a variety of industries with a shared interest in electronic commerce/EDI and related technologies.  Among its many goals, NEECOM strives to provide a forum (such as the October 17th Conference) for technical and business presentations that inform and educate the business community. Registration is now open and we encourage anyone interested in hearing new ideas in the area of EC/EDI, including managed file transfer, to join us.

If you’re at NEECOM, stop by our booth and say hi to the bTrade team.  We can discuss with you why data breaches and compliance fears are not part of the secureXchange lexicon.

If you can’t attend NEECOM, be sure to visit the bTrade website for more details on secureXchange and bTrade’s service offerings.