bTrade Receives 99.7% Rating for Customer Satisfaction Excellence

Don Miller

bTrade Receives 99.7% Rating for Customer Satisfaction Excellence

bTrade’s Technical Support Organization is comprised of industry professionals who are knowledgeable in all aspects of the managed file transfer process.  Our team has in-depth knowledge of networking, email platforms, hardware and operating systems which are used to assist all supported bTrade managed file transfer customers and partners.  Whether installing and configuring a new bTrade environment or troubleshooting complex issues, our support team possesses the expertise and commitment needed to quickly resolve issues.  We are proud to say that bTrade places special emphasis on ensuring that all our customers receive world-class support.

Well, it seems our customers are pleased with the efforts of our support team.  We recently conducted a customer satisfaction survey aimed at measuring customer experiences with, and perceptions of our services.  All of the survey respondents rated their experience with bTrade as extremely positive, and as a result, we received an overall 99.7% rating for customer satisfaction excellence.

The feedback we received from the survey is invaluable.  We will use it to help us learn more about how customers and potential customers view our organization.  We also plan to use the information to create even better business processes that are dedicated to customers and raising the bar to meet future market demands.

For more information about bTrade’s support team or our customer satisfaction survey, please email us at