bTrade’s practical, secure, clinical data exchange solution, that actually works!

Clinical Data Integration Conundrum

The need for meaningful care coordination, messaging and community clinical records has increased, but the technology has not provided a solution that meets the expectations of the stakeholders.  Traditional HIE and Direct messaging approaches have failed in a majority of the workflow scenarios. The holy grail of healthcare integration is yet to be realized – until now, that is. CitiBank, FedEx and Walmart have used bTrade software solutions to successfully solve trading partner communication with security, integrity and efficiency. bTrade brings proven technology that has solved integration needs in other industries and adapted to meet healthcare needs.

bTrade’s TDMedXchange offers specific capabilities to address real healthcare IT challenges associated with enabling multiple stakeholders such as PCPs, specialists, patients, IPAs, MSOs, labs, radiologists, hospitals and regional payers. TDMedXchange offers a simple solution for:

  • Clinical workflow management across the continuum of care allowing for managed, coordinated exchange of PHI among systems and collaborators. It works with existing IT assets like email clients and browsers while meeting HIPAA and other security mandates. It automates the delivery and response among participating parties for various workflows.
  • Easy on-boarding of participants for maximum adoption. Success of community based care collaboration depends on adoption. Reaching a critical mass of contributors and consumers of PHI rapidly is paramount in its ability to sustain itself. TDMedXchange enables rapid deployment and on-boarding of participants.

Sample Workflows Enabled By TDMedXchange:

  • Referral Management
  • Hospital – Provider –  Transition of Care
  • Provider – IPA/MSO – UM/QM
  • Provider – Payer – Claims, Eligibility & Benefits
  • Provider – Patient Communication
  • Provider – Labs, Rads – Orders and Results
  • Provider – Specialists – Care Team – Care Coordination


  • Direct EHR database extraction of clinical and billing information
  • Secure transfer of clinical and financial data to other care continuum partners
  • Fully HIPAA/HITECH Compliant
  • Multi protocol (SFTP, FTP, AS1, AS2)
  • Platform independent
  • Multi-tenant, SaaS
  • Automated with flexible customization
  • (Scheduled, Ad-Hoc, event driven)
  • Rich Logging and audit control
  • High performance and availability
  • Reduced foot-print, robust features,
  • “deploy and forget” operation
  • Works with ubiquitous IT assets like email client, web browser
  • Dashboard, alerts and centralized deployment and management

Benefits of TdMedXchange:

  • Secure, reliable clinical data transfer without needing an HIE or Direct Messaging
  • Clinical Work Flow management without complex needs for EMPI or Normalization
  • No need for expensive and cumbersome HIE or impractical Direct Messaging
  • Simple, efficient on-boarding of provider partners in the care continuum
  • Secure Ad-Hoc messaging between providers and patients without needing a provider portal or Direct Address for each patient
  • Referral management made simple
  • Lights-out, secure automation of batch transfer of clinical, financial and administrative documents among healthcare trading partners
  • RCM transactions enabled with minimum hassle
  • Proven, stable, secure solution that has successfully automated similar transaction types in other industries such as Finance, Retail and Manufacturing
  • Existing HIT systems like EMR, HIS, PM, RCM agnostic. No custom interfaces!
  • Up and running in days rather than massive, long deployments

Call or email ( us today to discuss your specific needs and how TDMedXchange can enable your Managed Exchange needs.


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