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Tremendous Functionality From a Cohesive, Browser-Based, Zero-Footprint Endpoint

bTrade‘s TDConnect is a browser-based endpoint solution with multiple-user capability for secure managed file transfer (MFT).  TDConnect supports AS1, AS2, FTP/S, HTTP/S or S/FTP exchanges.  Currently supported on x86 platform operating systems, TDConnect is a single trading partner endpoint based on the TDXchange architecture.

Creating a reliable and scalable online community does not need to be overly complicated or involve reliance on proprietary protocols.  Mitigating risk and having the ability for your trading partners be “sticky” is important for the success of any growth opportunity. bTrade endpoint technologies allow companies to establish all connections through the hub or gateway and establish reliable communications with your spokes, e.g. clients, partners, suppliers seamlessly. With the ability to use zero-footprint web clients or fully featured deployable client solutions, you are able to ensure guaranteed exchanges within your community.

TDConnect follows bTrade’s EDIINT solution, TDAccess, which offers the most widely used AS2 endpoint in the Americas, as part of an overall secure managed file transfer solution.

For more information on TDConnect or other secure managed file transfer needs, please contact bTrade


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