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 Virtual Infrastructure Merged with the Most Stable and Reliable Secure Managed File Transfer Solution Affords Organizations Easy Entry to Meet their Stringent Requirements

bTrade‘s TDCloud  offers full secure managed file transfer (MFT) functionality in a SAAS managed file transfer solution in the cloud.  Built as a virtual SAAS managed file transfer solution to offer bTrade’s award winning secure MFT solutions, TDCloud allows you to focus on what you do and not on managing hardware and technology.  With seamless and rapid deployment, TDCloud scales with your organization and your data is easily migrated to a local deployment, if desired.

TDCloud leverages the power of the TDXchange managed file transfer solution.  The TDXchange file transfer solution is designed to create elegance out of the complex exchange of files process, thereby enabling companies to exchange files quickly, securely and cost effectively across all major platforms.  TDCloud is an intelligent, secure and scalable cloud-managed file transfer solution that allows you to easily link with other servers to trade data reliably, both internally and externally, through a virtual SAAS managed file transfer solution.

The need for a secure managed file transfer solution in any size enterprise does not need to be tied to the availability of hardware.  TDCloud is a complete managed file transfer solution in the cloud, a vital ingredient of a company’s virtual infrastructure.  The ability to communicate across platform, across company and across industry is made easy by using the following supported protocols:

bTrade Protocols

TDCloud is built on the strength of bTrade’s TDXchange platform.  TDXchange offers cloud managed file transfer solutions with features and benefits in a virtual SAAS solution, including:

  • Archiving (active logging)
  • Dash boarding (real-time monitoring)
  • External database support
  • Every transfer can be encrypted and signed
    • in-flight
    • at-rest inside the firewalls
  • TDCompress  integration

Our virtual SAAS managed file transfer solution features:

Flexible deployment: end users can download the software and install quickly.

Scalable: the solution will grow with your company needs, keeping the same user experience and giving you the same flexibility and level of security as the largest enterprises.

Easy-to-use: includes a modern web-based user interface which makes it easy for members of your organization

Auditable: contains end-to-end tracking, reporting, and real-time alerts; complete operational features from a set of dashboards exposed in the GUI

Multi-platform support: Java-based and works with a diverse set of operating systems (e.g., Windows and Linux)

Self-contained: contains an embedded H2 database, web server, FTP server, so there is no need to depend on third party tools

bTrade provides a solution to help organizations address the ever-increasing need to transmit large digital files securely and efficiently while offering the associated benefits of cloud computing.  TDCloud offers managed file transfer infrastructure in the cloud for instant scalability, as well as the ability to leverage a multi-billion dollar IT infrastructure with minimal cost.

TDCloud is an ideal choice for companies wanting to deploy an enterprise-grade virtual SAAS solution for cloud managed file transfer on a solid IT infrastructure with unlimited scalability.  A lower capital investment is required by our customers because they simply pay a subscription and can add or subtract capacity whenever needed.  TDCloud is a hosted service and available for all levels of business deployments, including enterprise and small/medium business requirements.  Our cloud managed file transfer service enables companies to immediately deploy bTrade’s secure file transfer capabilities to all users, both internal and external, through a secure virtual SAAS solution.  Where traditional software deployments require scheduling of IT resources for installation and allocation of data center resources, TDCloud allows organizations to move quickly to integration and deployment stages.

Join other bTrade customers from around the globe who have integrated TDCloud into their overall security and risk management strategy.  These organizations are proactively meeting industry and government compliance requirements while securing and moving a range of high-value, sensitive and regulated data.

For more information on TDCloud or secure managed file transfer needs, please contact bTrade.

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