bTrade glossary


No resource would be complete without a comprehensive glossary of terms. We’ve compiled a list of terms and their definitions to better help you navigate.


Home Data Pool The home data pool is the preferred data pool of a data source or a data recipient. A data source publishes its data in its home data pool, which makes it available to final data recipients. A final data recipient accesses master data through its home data pool. A home data pool could be a national, regional or private GCI/GDAS-compliant data pool. The home data pool is the key aspect of the single point of entry concept.

HTML HyperText Markup Language, derived from the Standardized General Markup Language and managed by the W3C is a presentation-layer technology for displaying content in a web browser. The markup tags instructs the web browser how to display a web page.

Heterogeneity A typical enterprise information system today includes many types of computer technology, from PCs to mainframes. These include a wide variety of different operating systems, application software and in-house developed applications. EAI solves the complex problem of making a heterogeneous infrastructure more coherent.

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