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No resource would be complete without a comprehensive glossary of terms. We’ve compiled a list of terms and their definitions to better help you navigate.


Groupware Groupware refers to a collection of applications that center around collaborative human activities. Originally coined as the product category for Lotus Notes, it is a model for client-server computing based on five foundation technologies: multimedia document management, workflow, email, conferencing and scheduling.

Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) An "umbrella" term used to describe the entire family of EAN/UCC data structures for trade items (products and services) identification. The family of data structures includes: EAN/UCC- 8, UCC-12, EAN/UCC-13 and EAN/UCC-14. Products at every level of product configuration (consumer selling unit, case level, inner pack level, pallet, shipper, etc.) require a unique GTIN. GTIN is a new term, not a standards change.

Global Registry A registry is a global directory for the registration of items and parties. It can only contain data certified GCI compliant. It federates the GCI/GDAS-compliant data pools and acts as a pointer to the data pools where master data has been originally and physically stored. From the conception viewpoint, the registry function is supported by one logical registry, which could be physically distributed.

Global Location Number (GLN) A 13-digit non-significant reference number used to identify legal entities (e.g., registered companies), functional entities (e.g., specific department within a legal entity) or physical entities (e.g., a door of a warehouse).

Global Data Dictionary The GDD is a global list of data items where:

  1. The structure of attributes includes aggregate information entities (master data for party and item and transactional data)
  2. Neutral and relationship-dependent data, core and extension groups and transaction oriented data
  3. Definition of master data includes:
    • Neutral data: relationship independent, general valid data
    • Relationship-dependent data: depending on bilateral partner agreements
    • Core: irrespective of the sector and country
    • Extension: sector specific, country specific
  4. Definition of transactional (process-dependent) data includes neutral and relationship-dependent as well as core and extension


GDAS Global Data Alignment Service

GCI The Global Commerce Initiative (GCI) is a voluntary body created in October 1999 to improve the performance of the international supply chain for consumer goods through the collaborative development and endorsement of recommended standards and key business processes. (

Gateway Gateway is a hardware and/or software device that performs translations between two or more disparate protocols or networks.

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