When you are choosing secure managed file transfer (MFT) software that must integrate with your partners, customers, and suppliers, you want to know it:

• Conforms to standards and specifications
• Interoperates with what your partners are using
• Complies with the requirements of your industry
• Is acceptable to government regulators

bTrade’s certified solutions meet all these compliance and interoperability requirements.  Your implementation costs are lower in the short term because the compliance and interoperability testing has already been done and independently validated.


All data, whether in-transit or at-rest, must be secure.  Our MFT solutions are certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (“NIST”) under its Federal Information Processing Standard (“FIPS”) 140-2.  The FIPS 140-2 standard is an information technology security accreditation program for cryptographic modules produced by private sector vendors who seek to have their products certified for use in government departments and regulated industries that transmit and store sensitive information.  Thus, you can be assured in knowing that our MFT solutions offer the best in terms of security.

TM: A Certification Mark of NIST, which does not imply product endorsement  by NIST, the U.S. or Canadian Governments’

bTrade works closely with technological leaders and analysts to ensure we are constantly at the forefront of industry developments.  Through our professional associations, we are able to promote best practices and standards, which are important to our business and to our industry.  Strategic relationships and affiliations keep us ahead of the technology curve.


bTrade has been certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC).  NMSDC’s rigorous certification process is considered the gold standard for certifying minority-owned businesses by corporate America.  MBE certification is accepted and generally required by many of the largest publicly, privately and foreign-owned companies, as well as universities, hospitals and other buying institutions.  The nearly 200 corporate members of NMSDC, who represent a “Who’s Who” in corporate America, are eager to do business with highly qualified, minority-certified firms such as bTrade.


bTrade certified

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