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FYI…Another Mega Cyber Attack/Data Breech

Anthem, the second-largest health insurer in the United States, has experienced a data breech that may turn out to be the largest health care breach to date, as the compromised database holds records of some 80 million individuals.  Anthem has not disclosed much of the details surrounding the cyber attack, but the company's CEO, Joseph Swedish, issued a public statement, in which he says Anthem was the victim of a "very sophisticated external cyber attack." (more)

Don’t Let a Data Breach Affect Your Bottom Line: The Benefits of Securing Your Corporate IT Data

Homeland Security deemed November 2014 “Critical Infrastructure Security & Resilience Month.”  This initiative was targeted at both individuals and corporate America, with the goal being to help generate awareness about the importance of securing the assets, systems and networks that we all count on every day.

As a follow-up to Critical Infrastructure Security & Resilience Month, we want to update our MFT Nation readers on how securing their corporate IT data can help their organizations improve the bottom line.  It seems every week we hear and read about new data or security breaches.  The impact a breach can have on a business of any size could be devastating, with the consequences including financial and reputational risks ranging from significant to catastrophic. (more)

Cybersecurity is a Journey, Not a Destination

Nine months ago, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) released version 1.0 of its Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity (Framework).  NIST recently sought and received public feedback from industry relating to “awareness” of, “experiences” with, and a proposed “roadmap for the future” of the Framework.  Since bTrade’s MFT Nation blog followed events leading up to the release of the Framework, we decided to provide some input on the post-release feedback from the public. (more)


Lessons Learned from Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Will You Be Tricked or Treated?

As Cybersecurity Awareness month comes to an end this Friday (Halloween), I had to attempt to weave some spooky references into our closing blog post.   Our latest blog recaps bTrade’s cybersecurity tips and best practices, which we hope you will find informational and useful in your fight to prevent and stay ahead of the malicious attacks. (more)

Tuesday Tips: The Importance of Strong Passwords and Data Encryption Technology

As we head into week four of our participation in Cybersecurity Awareness Month, it is time again for bTrade’s Tuesdays Tips .  This week’s cybersecurity tips are centered on showcasing what “businesses can do to protect their organization, customers, and employees.”  For the purpose of this blog and its readership, we will focus on two such tips:  the importance of strong passwords, and using encryption technologies for data in-transit. (more)

Tuesday Tips: Stay Calm and Take Care of the Fundamentals

bTrade is participating in the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month. One aspect of our efforts is “Tuesday Tips,” by which we try to dispense some useful (hopefully) cybersecurity information to our readers via the MFT Nation blog. (more)

Data Breaches within the US Federal Government Have Doubled in the Last Five Years

Data breaches and the protection of mission-critical data continue to be the most pressing concerns for both businesses and the U.S. government.  While the government sector has remained committed to making investments to prevent such threats from happening, it seems that all-too-often another report surfaces about an agency falling victim to a data breach. (more)

Time-Tested Data Security Equation: Out-of-Date Software + Hackers = Disaster

The case of FTC v. Wyndham Worldwide Corp. is a good case study for what not to do in the rapidly changing world of data security. We will share some thoughts about the case in an upcoming blog. But for now, I want to quickly address one allegation from the case because it serves to highlight a point made in an earlier blog post. (more)

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