Use Managed File Transfer to Prevent Data Breaches

Don Miller

As the global leader in the managed file transfer field, bTrade is laser-focused on providing innovative and “holistic” solutions for its customers’ managed file transfer needs.  Our solutions address every stage of the managed file process, from encryption/compression to compliance/governance.

One of our areas of expertise is data security.  On this blog, we have previously highlighted some situations where data security was lacking, thereby leading to high-profile data breaches .

Just to keep you current, here is a link to a good compilation of data breaches occurring in the first quarter of 2013:   Link of data breaches in the first quarter of  2013

Suffice it to say that most of these incidents could have been avoided, or at least the adverse effects could have been limited, had the affected organizations instituted and deployed a managed file transfer process.  If you want to learn more about the managed file transfer process, or how you can better protect your data, please contact us at