Travelers Survey: Cybersecurity Ranks as the Second Greatest Concern for All Businesses

Don Miller

I want to offer a short follow-up to a previous MFT Nation post about the results of Aon’s Risk Solutions survey in which its business clients ranked cybersecurity as a Top 10 concern, for the first time ever.

Travelers, a long-time bTrade customer, recently released the results of its second annual Business Risk Index.  The survey polled more than 1,200 decision makers from businesses across the country to better understand what they believe to be the biggest threats to their businesses.  Cybersecurity ranked as the second biggest concern, up from fifth last year.  Travelers offered the following survey data relating cybersecurity concerns:

Businesses are most concerned about malicious and criminal attacks (55 percent), followed by human error (24 percent), and system glitches (21 percent).  Among the types of malicious attacks most worrisome to businesses:

  • 57 percent of respondents worry most about having their computers or data systems infected with a virus
  • 51 percent worry someone could gain access to their banking accounts or financial control systems
  • 50 percent worry about a security breach or someone hacking into their computer systems

If you are interested in learning more about the survey, including industry-specific information, please visit