Ten Industry Experts Weigh In On How To Fix Cybersecurity

Don Miller

It seems every week we hear and read about new data or security breaches. The impact a breach can have on a business of any size could be devastating with the consequences including financial and reputational risks ranging from significant to catastrophic. If your company transfers files and sensitive data, you need to understand the risks involved and know how to proactively reduce those risks.

One of the goals for this blog is to provide our readers with pertinent articles in the world of managed file transfer and data security. I recently read an article written by Forbes data security reporters, Kashmir Hill and Byron Acohido, entitled: “10 Ways to ‘Fix’ Cybersecurity”. The article offers up ten top security experts and their ideas for stemming the cybersecurity threats that organizations face. Edith Ramirez, Chairwoman at the Federal Trade Commission, commented that “Businesses should encrypt sensitive data. Encryption, properly implemented, is becoming more important.”

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