Managed File Transfer Technology Helps Keep Your Corporate Data under Control

Don Miller

In a business environment that is constantly changing due to acquisitions and technology consolidations, data management is critical. The need for an easy and manageable way to keep data under control becomes more and more apparent.  Implementing a managed file transfer solution is one of the easiest ways to get your data under control and ensure that it is secure, both in-transit and at-rest.  Because managed file transfer solutions provide the highest levels of security, organizations are better able to meet necessary governance, risk and compliance standards, as well as position themselves for future growth.

Benefits of Implementing a Managed File Transfer Solution

We’ve identified three principal benefits realized by companies who have implemented managed file transfer solutions:

  1. Minimize File Transfer Costs.  File transfer costs can be very expensive. Companies can minimize these costs by implementing a scalable managed file transfer solution that can handle the increased volumes and provide improved security, reporting and responsiveness to changing business and technology conditions.
  2. Meet Governance, Risk and Compliance Mandates.  Many organizations have stringent rules and policies in place to protect data and ensure that critical information is secured.  Complying with these regulations is a necessary part of business, and a managed file transfer solution offers a relatively seamless way to proactively prevent risk events and compliance violations without significantly reducing capabilities and productivity.
  3. Improve Application to Application Integration.  Organizations need to review how they organize, integrate and analyze business data.  To improve application integration, organizations need to implement a managed file transfer solution to enable a reliable and scalable data exchange which is essential for leveraging the maximum value from your data assets.

A managed file transfer solution will help your organization gain control over its corporate data.  Your entire trading community will benefit from increased efficiencies, increased reliability, increased security and minimized risk, all while expanding your opportunity for growth and meeting governance, risk and compliance mandates.

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