Lessons Learned from Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Will You Be Tricked or Treated?

Don Miller

Lessons Learned from Cybersecurity Awareness Month:  Will You Be Tricked or Treated?

As Cybersecurity Awareness month comes to an end this Friday (Halloween), I had to attempt to weave some spooky references into our closing blog post.   Our latest blog recaps bTrade’s cybersecurity tips and best practices, which we hope you will find informational and useful in your fight to prevent and stay ahead of the malicious attacks.

Tuesday Tips and Best Practices

We posted seven tips and best practices last month showcasing what businesses could do to protect their organization, customers and employees.  For more information about each of these tips, please click on the links below.

  1. Stay calm amid the uproar about data breaches
  2. Be aware
  3. Rely on Homeland Security’s US-CERT page
  4. Don’t run out-of-date software
  5. Protect yourself by disconnecting your computer from the Internet when you aren’t using it
  6. Require that employees use strong passwords and regularly change them
  7. Use encryption technologies to protect data in-transit

The Importance of Doing Business with a Reputable Vendor

The security of your company’s data assets are dependent on the software and infrastructure your IT/data security teams have in place. Depending on the size of your company and the resources in place, this process could be managed internally or outsourced to a third party.  Do your due diligence when using a third party vendor or supplier.  Make sure that the data security software you select is compliant, audited and that you are dealing with a reputable vendor.

What Have We Learned from Cybersecurity Awareness Month?

We hope that bTrade’s blogs, comments and questions during the NSCAM have given you some insight into what you can do to help your company prevent as well as remain vigilant against these types of  cybersecurity attacks.   We noticed that a majority of the blogs, events and comments posted to NSCAM seemed to have a common message—companies need to be more vigilant than ever in their pursuit to stay ahead of the next cyber-attack.   In keeping with the spirit of ghosts and ghouls, I would make the analogy that data security is like Halloween; things are not always what they appear to be with monsters and creatures lurking at every turn.    Happy Trick or Treating!

bTrade Can Help

It takes but one misstep to open the doors to a data security breach.   Make sure your company follows best practices by deploying a data encryption solution that can securely and effectively transmit, store and manage confidential data at-rest and in-motion.  Please email us at info@btrade.com to learn how bTrade solutions can help keep your data secure.