How to Make Your Managed File Transfer Migration Process Simple, Seamless and Secure

Don Miller

For many companies, upgrading or migrating to a new Managed File Transfer (“MFT”) solution can appear to be an overwhelming task.  It is imperative that the migration of data and users is done accurately and securely, without disrupting your business. That is why bTrade offers a variety of migration and upgrade options to fit your company’s needs, regardless of size or data complexity.  bTrade’s decades of experience handling complex data migrations, will help your company benefit from the functionality of secureXchange 4.0 as quickly as possible.  Companies planning a data migration should consider which style of migration is most suitable for their needs.

bTrade offers two types of migration options, Self-Migration and Assisted Migration:


The Self-Migration option is a good fit for bTrade customers using existing TD products or companies that want to maintain full control of the migration process.  Upgrading to secureXchange 4.0 is an automatic process which is designed to eliminate errors and problems.  Following a documented process, organizations can move users and data very easily.

Here are some of the benefits you can realize:

  • Company administrators can perform the migration steps on their timeframe
  • Full control of the migration process
  • Detailed documentation

Assisted Migration Services

Assisted Migration is a Professional Services option for companies that want bTrade to handle the migration process.  For companies using non-bTrade solutions, bTrade has experience replacing incumbent, out-of-date MFT products.  This knowledge has influenced the development of our migration tools, and when teamed with our professional services organization, guarantees a quick, seamless move to secureXchange 4.0.

Here are some of the benefits you can realize:

  • Fully managed data migration process
  • Limited involvement required from your company
  • Maximize the use of secureXchange 4.0 and empower your team to move forward with greater independence

If you have any questions, or if want our data security experts to analyze your infrastructure to determine how best to upgrade or migrate your company to secureXchange 4.0, please contact us at