How Secure Is Your Mobile Workforce?

Don Miller

This week I attended a data security conference in Atlanta where discussions focused on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and the importance of enterprises securing critical data at the edge of their networks. Whether companies are prepared or not, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are entering the workplace and users are successfully connecting them to corporate VPNs, Wi-Fi and email. Many companies polled at the conference did not feel their networks were safe and that they had the visibility and control over whom and what is accessing their network at all times. An interesting presentation called  “BYOD or Bring Your Own Danger” discussed the specific risk mitigation steps that organizations can take to enforce security policies and ensure acceptable use of mobile devices, whether procured by the enterprise or owned by employees.

Bottom Line:   BYOD is a major technology trend that is dramatically changing the IT paradigm and with it come new sets of challenges and opportunities for businesses as well as their IT departments. It would be great hear from you on your impressions of these recent findings and whether you are a mobile worker or an IT professional.

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