Follow up from RSA 2015

Don Miller

Thousands of information security professionals and security vendors packed the Moscone Center in San Francisco this year for the 2015 RSA Conference.  This year’s theme, “Change: Challenge Today’s Security Thinking” was buzzing throughout the conference and educational sessions, and was echoed by some thought provoking keynote speakers.

One conversation topic prevalent at this year’s conference was the importance of information-sharing between companies.  Following a string of breaches in 2014, many have spoken out about the fact that businesses should be open about sharing information on threats they have encountered.  On April 22, 2015, the U.S. House passed a cybersecurity information-sharing bill giving government agencies the ability to see how a hack occurred and to take action to prevent more attacks.  It will be interesting to see how the government proceeds and if this will affect American privacy rights long-term.

Many of the people we spoke with this week at the RSA conference shared similar concerns of data breach risk and their current lack of visibility and control over the data file transfer tools they are using inside their enterprise.  They seemed to all echo the need for tighter governance, risk and compliance measurements and better auditing capabilities.

It was also enlightening speaking with current bTrade customers and partners that stopped by our booth to share their stories of how they have successfully consolidated and replaced homegrown file transfer tools, and various vendor products, with current bTrade MFT solutions.  Many of our customers have been able to automate what were previously manual processes, and have seen improved efficiencies in their business processes resulting in helping them meet governance risk and compliance mandates.

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