Decisions, Decisions

Don Miller

When an organization does infosec planning, one decision involves whether to run software on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid model.  At a recent round-table discussion involving infosec pros from financial services organizations, a variety of opinions were proffered regarding the different deployment models, which is consistent with what we hear from bTrade customers.

For example, an infosec pro from ABN AMRO Bank said a public cloud is “a no-go” for him because he cannot “control it” and does not “know who has access to the data,” which is what we often here from large organizations in the bTrade community.  Another infosec pro from AXA uses a hybrid deployment because a public cloud works best for certain situations, like “processing data quickly for real-time services,” but they “constantly check what kind of data can be stored in the cloud, even after it is anonymized.”

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