Data Monitoring: Do It or Face the Ugly Consequences

Don Miller

Our data security experts here at bTrade want to let our readers know of a breaking story in the world of data security. News outlets are reporting that Russian crime figures have illegally obtained more than a billion stolen Internet credentials. According to data security firm, the stolen credentials include 1.2 billion password and username combinations and more than 500 million email addresses.

An identity management specialist quoted in one of the reports has some words for the wise:

“Every business is a target, every shred of data is a commodity. While robust prevention will make any business a tougher target, the relative ease with which hackers seem to be gaining access, puts even greater emphasis on constant monitoring and threat assessment.”

bTrade’s MFT solutions possess features necessary to perform constant data monitoring and threat assessments, whether the data is in-transit or at-rest. For example, secureXchange contains operational features from a set of dashboards exposed in the GUI that allow for end-to-end tracking, reporting and real-time alerts. To learn more about these features, contact our data security experts at