Cybersecurity Alert – Phishing Emails Targeting Banks

Don Miller

More cybersecurity news relating to phishing emails, this time affecting banks:

A Virginia bank got hit TWICE during an eight-month period and the cyber criminals stole more than $2.4 million. The attackers gained access initially when a bank employee opened a booby-trapped Microsoft Word document containing malware.


Once the hackers gained access, they were able to disable and alter anti-theft and anti-fraud protections, such as 4-digit personal identification numbers (PINs), daily withdrawal limits, daily debit card usage limits, and fraud score protections. The hackers were then able to access internal applications used for customer debit card transactions and ATMs, among others.

It should also be noted the hackers were able to conceal their activities by deleting evidence of fraudulent debits from customer accounts. Who are these clever, but devilish hackers?  The bank’s forensic experts determined the hacking tools and activity appeared to be of Russian origin.

To protect yourself against phishing emails, here’s a “Cyber Tip” from the US federal government via the Department of Homeland Security:

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