bTrade Recognized as a “Leader” in MFT Field

Don Miller

Renowned Analyst Considers bTrade as “Experienced and Recognized” Among Select Group of MFT Vendors

I’m pleased to report that bTrade has been acknowledged by Info-Tech Research Group as an “experienced and recognized leader in the MFT industry.”  The acknowledgement follows a period of evaluation by Info-Tech of bTrade and its MFT products, and is memorialized in a vendor landscape report appropriately titled, “Select and Implement a Managed File Transfer Solution.”

Who is Info-Tech?

With a paid membership of over 30,000 members worldwide, Info-Tech is the global leader in providing tactical, practical information technology research and analysis.  Info-Tech has an eighteen-year history of delivering quality research and is North America’s fastest growing full-service IT analyst firm.

Info-Tech Reviewed/Evaluated a Select Group of MFT Vendors

The report focuses on a selected group of MFT vendors that Info-Tech describes as “offer[ing] capabilities across multiple platforms and that have a strong market presence and/or reputation presence among mid- and large-sized enterprises.”  According to Info-Tech, the report is designed to be a “blueprint” for streamlining an MFT buyer’s “selection process and implementation planning.”  Info-Tech claims its report will help an MFT buyer “save time and money” by creating a “short list of vendors” based on Info-Tech’s rankings/ratings for each MFT vendor.

bTrade Receives High Ratings as an MFT Company

bTrade also received “Exemplary” (the highest possible rating) or “Good” (the 2nd highest possible rating) marks in the evaluation of the overall company, performing exceptionally well in the “viability,” “focus” and “reach” categories.  Info-Tech Research Group attributes bTrade’s “success in the market” to its “large MFT client base and exceptional client retention rate.”  Info-Tech’s overall evaluation of the company:  “An experienced and recognized leader in the MFT industry that has continued to provide innovative solutions for both global enterprise and SMB customers.”

bTrade’s MFT Solutions Also Receive High Ratings

Info-Tech reviewed and analyzed bTrade’s enterprise solutions, including TDXchange, which is a holistic MFT solution that allows enterprises of all sizes to exchange data securely both within and outside the enterprise.  How did bTrade’s MFT solutions fare under Info-Tech’s review and evaluation?  Exceptionally well.  Info-Tech extended “Exemplary” or “Good” marks in most of the categories, performing especially well in the areas of “usability” and “architecture.”

Info-Tech also noted some specific “strengths” of bTrade’s MFT solutions, including the following:

  • “bTrade’s file compression capabilities provide an additional layer of security, in addition to reducing the file size for faster transfers.”
  • “With the ability to predefine relationships between endpoints, bTrade provides an additional layer of security and control.”
  • “bTrade MFT has the ability to define organizations within the configuration of the product, providing multi-tenancy in private implementations. “
  • “bTrade offers the ability to resubmit files that have failed transmission without a need to go back to the source and re-send.”
  • “bTrade MFT solutions offer strong integration capabilities through the use of APIs, flexible deployment options, and multi-platform support.”

According to Randy Hearn, Executive Advisor for Info-Tech, bTrade’s MFT solutions are “highly recommended for an organization with a number of applications, as integration capabilities are strong.”

Info-Tech Reaffirms bTrade’s Long-Held Position as a Leader in the MFT Space

We are honored to be recognized by Info-Tech.   This recognition reflects our commitment to a holistic solution which tackles all MFT requirements and contains the best-of-breed data transmission, compression and encryption technologies.  bTrade solutions are designed to meet the critical and changing needs of the MFT market, and more importantly, the demand for a solution that is easy-to-use, deploy and operate, and affords users full governance, compliance, mitigated risk and transparency.

To access the Info-Tech’s managed file transfer vendor report, please click here.

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