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The Ins and Outs of File Transfer Protocols

In the beginning, there was the granddaddy of protocols, called FTP, and it was a great way to transfer data from one place to another.  After awhile, it became more and more burdensome to juggle all the destinations, transfer methods, usernames and passwords.  The whole affair started to strangle itself when trying to update batch scripts with new passwords, changed IP addresses and firewall restrictions, not to mention the security risk of coding your passwords in an easily accessible text file. (more)

Will Organizations Already Burdened by GRC Issues Participate “Voluntarily” in the Adoption or Non Adoption of the Cyber Security Framework?

It’s time again to discuss GRC (governance/risk management/compliance) in the context of data security for the managed file transfer process.  Concurrently, we can update everyone about recent events related to the Executive Order on Improving Critical Infrastructure Cyber Security (“EO”). (more)

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