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The Basics of Sizing a Managed File Transfer Application

In my role as a bTrade services professional, I am routinely tasked with estimating the hardware requirements for a new installation or upgraded application.  In the managed file transfer (“MFT”) world, there are many bits of information that are needed to accomplish this.  I therefore find myself asking many questions:  How many transactions need to be processed?  What is the average file size?  What is the peak period?  Is there a requirement for the speed in which transactions complete? (more)

Creating a strategic infrastructure . . .

Technology infrastructures, much like living organisms, grow and evolve in order to sustain meaningful existence within their environments.  Unlike living organisms, though, the growth experienced by technology is applied in layers without removing or replacing the older components.  This inevitably creates infrastructures with processes and operations that are vastly more complicated and bloated than they need to be. (more)

Data Security (Or Lack Thereof) Continues To Make Headlines

Adobe this week reported what it characterized as a “sophisticated” cyber attack.  Hackers circumvented Adobe’s data security measures to gain access to confidential information affecting 2.9 million customers worldwide.  To make matters worse (much worse), the hackers stole Adobe source code for products such as Acrobat and ColdFusion.  So Adobe has some serious data security concerns, again. (more)

How Secure Is Your Mobile Workforce?

This week I attended a data security conference in Atlanta where discussions focused on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and the importance of enterprises securing critical data at the edge of their networks.  Whether companies are prepared or not, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are entering the workplace and users are successfully connecting them to corporate VPNs, Wi-Fi and email.  Many companies polled at the conference did not feel their networks were safe and that they had the visibility and control over whom and what is accessing their network at all times. (more)

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