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Stop Feeling Insecure About Your Data Security Measures

I read an article recently in which the author was lamenting the “still-unstable and security-challenged [technology] world.”  The threat to electronic data from cyber attacks is very real, and many say the threat is growing.  Because technological advancements come at such a rapid rate, especially in the data security space, organizations must react just as rapidly, or else face the consequences.  In other words, in the fast-evolving world of cyber threats, we do not have the luxury of waiting. (more)

Let’s Talk Managed File Transfer at the NEECOM Conference

If data security and data integrity are important to you, then you’ll understand why any organization interested in protecting its data would be at the NEECOM User Group on October 17, 2013.  The bTrade team will be exhibiting and our Vice President of Global Sales, Jerome Mendell, will be presenting a session entitled: “Consolidating Data Movement for a Smarter Supply Chain.” The presentation will cover how organizations can mitigate and control data security risks by consolidating all its data movement into a single managed file transfer platform.  Jerome is an experienced managed file transfer professional and has been well-received during his previous NEECOM speaking engagements. (more)

bTrade Receives 99.7% Rating for Customer Satisfaction Excellence

bTrade’s Technical Support Organization is comprised of industry professionals who are knowledgeable in all aspects of the managed file transfer process.  Our team has in-depth knowledge of networking, email platforms, hardware and operating systems which are used to assist all supported bTrade managed file transfer customers and partners.  Whether installing and configuring a new bTrade environment or troubleshooting complex issues, our support team possesses the expertise and commitment needed to quickly resolve issues.  We are proud to say that bTrade places special emphasis on ensuring that all our customers receive world-class support. (more)

Will Existing MFT Standards Be Used in Proposed Cyber Security Reforms? (Part III)

MFT Nation has followed events related to the Executive Order on Improving Critical Infrastructure Cyber Security.  Previously, we discussed public comments made during one of NIST’s public workshops and explored how managed file transfer principles might affect and/or shape the cyber security reform process.  Thereafter, we examined NIST’s publication captioned “Initial Analysis of Cyber Security Framework RFI Responses” and found that a substantial majority of private sector business leaders favor a risk-based approach for the cyber security framework. (more)

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