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Lawyers Are Not Above the Law When it Comes to Data Security

On February 12, 2013, the President signed Executive Order 13636 entitled “Improving Critical Infrastructure Cyber Security.”  Among other things, the Executive Order  directs certain agencies to coordinate the development of a framework for protecting America’s critical infrastructure from cyber attacks.  In this blog, we have touched on how some players in the public and private sectors have been dealing with the Executive Order, and how managed file transfer principles might play a part in the process. (more)

What Can Chief Security Officers Do to Implement a Secure File Strategy?

bTrade CEO, Steve Zapata, was interviewed recently by Information Security Products Guide a leading research and advisory guide for the information security industry.  The interview focused on what a Chief Security Officer (CSO) can do to implement a secure file strategy and explored the key challenges and solutions that lie ahead. (more)

Will Existing Managed File Transfer Standards Be Used in Proposed Cyber Security Reforms? (Continued)

We’ve been following events related to the Executive Order on Improving Critical Infrastructure Cyber Security.  Earlier, we discussed public comments made during NIST’s first public workshop and explored how managed file transfer principles might affect and/or shape the cyber security reform process. (more)

Managed File Transfer Technology Helps Keep Your Corporate Data under Control

In a business environment that is constantly changing due to acquisitions and technology consolidations, data management is critical. The need for an easy and manageable way to keep data under control becomes more and more apparent.  Implementing a managed file transfer solution is one of the easiest ways to get your data under control and ensure that it is secure, both in-transit and at-rest.  Because managed file transfer solutions provide the highest levels of security, organizations are better able to meet necessary governance, risk and compliance standards, as well as position themselves for future growth. (more)

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