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Are Internal Controls and Auditing Needed for Managed File Transfer and Trading Community Management Solutions?…Yes!!!

Transmitting files, both internally and externally, and from one computer platform to another, is a widely used procedure.  The vast majority of organizations do so in multi-system environments, and this file transfer process is often considered to be part of an organization’s “business-critical” operations.  Even though a managed file transfer solution could provide an organization with a secure process for transmitting data, many organizations have yet to implement such a process.  As the amount of FTP traffic continues to grow, auditing FTP use and enforcing internal controls and procedures becomes more important every day.  To identify data security problems before they occur, an effective audit which incorporates best practice procedures must be performed. (more)

Managed File Transfer Technology Ensures Data Security, a Perspective on the LivingSocial Data Breach

Simply put, the managed file transfer  process works wonders for ensuring data security. While data security is just one of the core capabilities of a good managed file transfer software solution, it is definitely a major reason why organizations have come to us lately when looking for a managed file transfer solution. (more)

Use Managed File Transfer to Prevent Data Breaches

As the global leader in the managed file transfer field, bTrade is laser-focused on providing innovative and “holistic” solutions for its customers’ managed file transfer needs.  Our solutions address every stage of the managed file process, from encryption/compression to compliance/governance. (more)

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