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bTrade Posts Record Growth in 2012

We’ve had lots of reasons to celebrate lately at bTrade, and here are just a few.

Soaring Sales

Thanks to our well-designed and executed managed file transfer solution and an outstanding support team, we have seen soaring sales in 2012, as well as a strong first quarter in 2013.  We’ve been able to provide managed file transfer solutions to customers from every industry and have heard from them about how our solution, secureXchange, has made their lives easier and their data more secure. (more)

Will Existing Managed File Transfer Standards Be Used in Proposed Cyber Security Reforms?

For those who read this blog, the managed file transfer process is no doubt very important.  Equally important to the managed file transfer community is how the Executive Order on Improving Critical Infrastructure Cyber Security will affect the landscape of the managed file transfer process (more)

Managed File Transfer Solutions Containing FIPS 140-2 Cryptography Offer the Best in Security

What is FIPS 140-2?

The best managed file transfer software contains the latest encryption, and the latest cryptographic standards are found in FIPS 140-2. The FIPS 140-2 encryption standards were issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and contain strict guidelines for ensuring that cryptographic-based products properly safeguard data transmissions. The government established a FIPS 140-2 accreditation program for vendors that develop cryptographic modules, and the testing of cryptographic modules is handled by approved third-party laboratories. bTrade’s managed file transfer products contain cryptography that has received FIPS 140-2 validation. (more)

Managed File Transfer Can Prevent Cyber Security Risks

Ensuring data security within the Managed File Transfer process is critical for protecting data from cyber attacks. Last week I attended a conference on data security where there was much discussion about the recent high-profile cyber attacks. A dominant theme coming out of the conference was the battle to protect sensitive data through managed file transfer, secure FTP and other secure file transfer technologies. Time and again the data security thought-leaders stressed that enterprises need to know and understand how data security can be compromised. While FTP is thought to be relatively secure, there are risks involved from a security perspective. There was significant discussion regarding managed file transfer as a significantly more secure process than FTP for protecting data security. (more)

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