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NIST Issues Request for Information on Improving Cybersecurity Practices

Last week, we told you about the White House’s attempt to address the data security crisis through issuance of an Executive Order entitled Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity (“EO”).  As part of this process, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is tasked with developing a baseline framework of best practices to help reduce cyber risks.  To that end, NIST recently released a Request for Information  seeking comments about how best “to guide industry in reducing cyber risks to the networks and computers that support critical infrastructure vital to the nation's economy, security and daily life.” (more)

The White House Addresses Data Security Crisis

Data security is one of the most pressing concerns faced by businesses and the government.  The amount of data (much of which contains confidential information) that is generated by such organizations continues to grow, whether it is stored internally or transmitted externally using the Internet.  At the same time, the potential risks for a cyber attack against such data continue to increase.  To help illustrate the potential risks, consider the front-page story from the New York Times  which reported that a Chinese military organization had hacked into the confidential information of American corporations, organizations and government agencies dating as far back as 2006. (more)

Are Retailers Using Effective Technology to Stay Ahead of Hackers?

It is imperative that retailers and organizations who handle critical data regularly assess their data protection policies and processes and implement effective encryption and managed file transfer (MFT) solutions to help keep their corporate data secure.  Check out this story in the Omaha World Herald about the challenges businesses of all sizes face when trying to avoid a costly data breach.

It takes one misstep to open the doors to a data breach.

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What customers are saying about secureXchange

As you probably know, secureXchange is not the only managed file transfer solution on the market.  A handful of vendors offer their versions of a solution to help streamline the file transfer process with features that are designed to keep that data secure.

Many of the people we talk to are researching several companies trying to decide which solution will best serve their needs, and naturally, all of the vendors believe their solutions are the best fit.

We’ve been developing resources over the last few years to help define what sets secureXchange apart, and as a result, we’ve launched a new website with a growing list of customer testimonials about bTrade solutions.

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Enterprise Data Security- Securing Corporate Data at Rest

Protecting corporate data is increasingly important — and increasingly difficult.

Your data’s critical business value makes it an obvious target for attackers. Successful attacks can wreak massive damage to company finances and corporate image.

To protect your company’s database assets, there are security measures you should take today. These include encrypting data as it moves across your enterprise networks and as it sits at rest, in storage on database systems. Extra steps and precautions should be taken to carefully control access to this data.

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