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Managed File Transfer Maxim: Know Your File Transfer Frequency/Volume

Anyone involved in the search for a Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution knows that the MFT process is becoming increasingly complex. Previously, we’ve discussed some crucial aspects of the MFT process. Today, I’d like to introduce you to another key issue--the volume and frequency of file transfers. (more)

Follow my Mom’s Advice When it Comes to Updating Your Data Security Software

My mom and dad were different in certain respects, especially when it came to household finances. My dad was frugal, which I attribute to the struggles he faced as the oldest of seven kids working on a small family farm during the depression. My mom was frugal, too, but she developed a keen sense of knowing when it was wise to “invest” in a certain aspect of the home or family. Her way of conveying that to my dad was to say: “Vernon (my dad’s name), don’t be penny wise and pound foolish.” (more)

FTP vs. MFT: Gaining Control of Your Organization’s Data

Is it a good practice to transmit data using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP)?  bTrade, as well as most IT professionals, answer this question with a resounding:  “No!”  In fact, we would tell you that relying solely on FTP to transmit data exposes an organization to very clear risks (i.e., lack of visibility and reliability) and would pose very serious challenges with controlling the high costs associated with managing/maintaining such processes. (more)

Do I Need Managed File Transfer?

So much data, so little time.  If only it were that simple. Whether you need to invest in a managed file transfer (MFT) solution is not just about the volume of data you are moving, but the nature of the data and the environments through which the data is being moved.  Asking the following questions might make it easier to answer the larger question of “Do I need an MFT solution?” (more)

What is MFT?

If you have ever worked in the IT industry over the past 20 years, and have dealt with data storage for any amount of time, you probably are aware of the acronym “MFT.”  You know it stands for master file table, a “table of contents” if you will, containing information on every file within a NTFS hard drive. (more)

bTrade Celebrates Strong Growth in 2013

In 2014, the managed file transfer community will no doubt be faced with many data security/data management challenges, which we will cover and discuss throughout the year.  But for now, we would like to take a moment to reflect on the tremendous year we had in 2013. (more)

High Availability–What It Means in a Managed File Transfer Environment

High availability can invoke feelings of insecurity when it comes to evaluating your managed file transfer software resources, but it need not be such a scary prospect.  In its simplest form, high availability allows you to ensure that your system will be operational as close to 100% of the time it needs to be. (more)

Managed File Transfer: Providing a Solution for Information Governance Issues

We presented at a gathering of IT professionals where the topic of discussion was data security.  Our presentation focused on how a managed file transfer solution can address issues relating to “governance, risk and compliance,” or “information governance” (IG) as it has become to be known.  During the presentation, we learned that a good number of people were unfamiliar with the concept of IG.  So, to avoid any confusion, we will start by defining IG. (more)

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