secureXchange compress (Xcp)

secureXchange Xcp

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World-Class, Ultra-Efficient Encryption and Compression Which Performs at Amazing Speeds Across Most Platforms

Secure managed file transfer with cross-platform compression, encryption and authentication is delivered with bTrade‘s secureXchange compress (Xcp).  The Xcp platform enables customers to compress, encrypt and authenticate data files for cross-platform file transfer over public and private networks.  Built on the heritage of bTrade’s secure managed file transfer TDComm-Press product, Xcp can be bundled with secureXchange’s other series of endpoints to address specific cross-platform file transfer needs.

The Xcp secure managed file transfer solution features include:

  • Multiple files compression into a single file for transmission.  Decompression splits the data back into separate files.
  • The ability to compress and decompress x12, edifact, un/securexchangei, and ucsEDI data.  The EDI envelope records are left in the clear to allow routing through a value-added network (VAN).
  • State-of-the-art public key technology for encryption and digital signatures using the latest algorithms.
  • Built-in options that allow cross-platform data interoperability.  For example, ascii/ebcdic translation and handling of record delimiters.
  • Compression and decompression off-line, resulting in Xcp not being dependent on any particular communications hardware, software, or protocol.

Xcp has a long history of trusted performance in secure managed file transfer with cross-platform file transfers, compression, encryption and authentication.  The Xcp functionality is widely considered to be the best, most trusted encryption/compression utility in the world.

For more information on Xcp or other secure managed file transfer needs, please contact bTrade.