secureXchange 4.0 - "What MFT Should Be."

  • secureXchange provides the best possible performance.
  • secureXchange delivers visibility and security to your transmissions and files.
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  • secureXchange is an evolution from the minds of our clients.
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  • secureXchange helps your business grow in all directions.
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Transform Your Enterprise with MFT Technology that is Secure, Scalable, Easy to Deploy and Centralized Under One Platform.

Why secureXchange?

Quick and easy onboarding of trading partners:

  • With its simplified web-based interface, customer self-service and rapid on-boarding and management becomes simple and straightforward.

Scalable to keep pace with your business:

  • secureXchange is designed to grow with you to meet your requirements, thereby insuring you’re able to maintain performance and compliance.

Moving from your existing MFT Solution to secureXchange is easier and more cost effective than you think:

  • For existing bTrade customers using TD products, upgrading to secureXchange is an automatic process designed to eliminate errors and problems.
  • For customers using non-bTrade solutions, bTrade has experience replacing incumbent, out-of-date MFT products.  This knowledge has influenced the development of our migration tools, and when teamed with our professional services organization, guarantees a quick, seamless move to secureXchange.

secureXchange 4.0 performs at top speed:

  • bTrade technology maximizes speed by allowing your organizations to send and receive files faster while utilizing standard protocols.

Enhanced support for high availability and clustering:

  • secureXchange 4.0 offers your organization a highly available managed file transfer solution with the ability to scale by adding additional nodes to your cluster and multiple clusters.

Utilizing the latest versions of Java:

  • By utilizing the latest version of Java, managing and operating the secureXchange platform is a breeze with any browser.

Additional support for XML and EDI files:

  • Ensuring your ability to communicate with trading partners.

Significant certificate management improvements:

  • Easier trading partner management and on-boarding.

Improved and enhanced auditing capabilities:

  • secureXchange 4.0 provides a single integrated audit trail to help you remain in compliance with privacy and record-keeping mandates.

Mitigation of data risks:

  • secureXchange 4.0 will help your organization mitigate exposure to data risks by enabling compliance and increasing visibility, control and security both in flight and at rest.

You can rely on bTrade

For more than 20 years, we’ve been providing customers around the globe with compression and managed file transfer solutions that help them share sensitive data across applications and organizations, while ensuring compliance with complex mandates, both internally and externally.

Please contact us directly to schedule a convenient time to talk with a member of our sales team.


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