TDRelay (now part of secureXchange)

Prevents Direct Connections to Your Firewall 


TDRelay is a crucial component of our legacy secure/managed file transfer solutions.  It protects your network by imposing a “connection proxy” between external Internet clients and application servers residing within your network.  As a result, no connections are originated from the Internet or DMZ to the servers within the network, and there is no need to ”punch holes” through the internal firewall allowing inbound connections to reach your network.  This simplifies firewall configuration and allows greater security by packet filtering between a few server IP addresses.

Key Features of TDRelay

  • Works with any AS2, FTP, S/FTP, or FTP/S server
  • No keys on the Internet
  • No messages stored on the Internet
  • No messages are left in the DMZ waiting for pickup
  • No incoming HTTP or secure FTP sessions
  • Scriptable
  • Available on Windows, Linux and Unix
  • Internally-generated HTTP and FTP services can be honored and the private key of the AS2 or secure FTP server is never exposed or placed in the DMZ
  • No decryption occurs in the DMZ
  • No HTTP or FTP ports are opened from outside the enterprise

The Next Generation:  secureXchange

bTrade is committed to enhancing its product lines as technology and security standards change.  The next evolution in DMZ and proxy enhancement is here.  Please see our next generation of TDRelay that is now included in secureXchange.

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