Legacy Products

legacy products

bTrade is a pioneer in the managed file transfer (MFT) field.  In 1990, the founders of bTrade saw the need for a better way to share data and ensure secure file transfer in an efficient manner.  Over the last 20 plus years, bTrade has become respected for its role in introducing such innovations as a dedicated process flow consisting of validation, encryption, compression and transmission.

bTrade’s long history of innovation began with the development of a revolutionary software application called TDCompress, or “Comm-Press” for short.  It was originally developed to decrease bandwidth requirements for sending large amounts of data over expensive Value Added Networks, or “VANS.”  The Comm-Press functionality dramatically cut both the expense and time associated with bulk data transmissions.  The compression/encryption functionality is still widely considered to be the best in the world, and is included in our secureXchange file transfer solution.

Thereafter, bTrade introduced other innovative products in its suite of TD solutions, including TDNgine (gateway solution designed for the enterprise to manage and scale its trading partner community); TDAccess (end point solution designed for trading partners to transmit data securely to the gateway); and TDRelay (perimeter security solution in DMZ designed to act as a proxy for inbound and outbound transmissions).  The suite of TD software solutions is a proud part of bTrade’s legacy.

Today, bTrade continues its tradition of providing outstanding MFT solutions with the introduction of secureXchange.  bTrade is positioned as one of the few MFT providers capable of providing a comprehensive solution.  We know the challenges.  We know the timetables.  We have the people and the breadth of knowledge.  We’ve done this many times with many companies you know and respect.

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