TDNgine (now secureXchange enterprise)                           

The Secure Communications Gateway/Hub Solution Used By Organizations To Manage and Grow Their Trading Partner Communities


For more than 12 years, TDNgine has been used by organizations as a comprehensive business message center solution.  bTrade customers rely on TDNgine to consolidate their data transmissions on one platform regardless of what communication methods your trading partners choose.  While superior message processing is certainly one of the premier attributes of TDNgine, an integrated community management capability sets TDNgine apart as a world-class business solution. The enterprise gets a responsive, quickly configurable trading environment which covers all communications protocols and encryption/signature formats.

Key Features of TDNgine

TDNgine delivers all the security and reliability of a VAN, but not the cost.  It runs on major platforms and a wide variety of operating systems, including UNIX, Linux and Windows, and has sophisticated features for the transport, routing and archiving of business documents, including mailboxing, community management and error reporting.  You can control the issuance of certificates, keys and setting up new trading partners, and then monitor and audit transactions on system usage.  Any organization can use TDNgine as its primary communications service with confidence that it will adapt to an ever-evolving business environment.

The Next Generation:  secureXchange enterprise

bTrade is committed to enhancing its product lines as technology and security standards change.  The next evolution in managed file transfer is here.  Please see our latest solution for the enterprise level: secureXchange enterprise.

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