TDManager (now secureXchange standard)

The Client-Server Solution For Small and Mid-Sized Businesses To Manage Their Trading Partner Communities


In the managed file transfer process, community management functions must be performed before any data is exchanged.  Each trading partner must be registered, communication channels must be identified, and specific business processes must be defined.  The importance of these functions is magnified as trading partner communities become more dynamic.

bTrade has spent many years fine-tuning its community management products, specifically including TDManager.  It provides a solution for organizations not in need of the more comprehensive features and functionality present in TDNgine.

Key Features of TDManager

TDManager acts as a rock-solid foundation for the central hub when integrating business partners.  It provides a client-server application that simplifies all tasks related to defining community members, configuring client software for community members, and establishing relationships between community members.

With TDManager, you can assume the role of a trading partner administrator and perform all needed community management tasks, including issuance of public/private key certificates and symmetric keys, and specification of appropriate security protection through algorithms, structures and modes.  It also allows you to send and receive data through your trading network.

The Next Generation:  secureXchange standard

As technology and community management requirements changed, so did TDManager.  bTrade and TDManager have been at the forefront of this innovation.  The tradition continues as TDManager now makes the migration to the next generation of requirements, and we are proud to welcome it as the new “secureXchange standard”.

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