TDAccess (now secureXchange access)

Facilitates Secure Data Communications From Trading Partners To The Gateway/Hub


TDAccess has a long and distinguished lineage in the managed file transfer (MFT) field.  It began its life in 1990 as an encryption/compression product called “Comm-Press.”  When secure communication capabilities were added to the Comm-Press code, it received a new name, “EasyAccess.”  After yet more communications features were included, bTrade incorporated the software into its suite of TD products and re-named as TDAccess.  Over the course of 20 plus years, various versions of Comm-Press/EasyAccess/TDAccess were distributed and implemented in over 200,000 locations worldwide.

Key Features of TDAccess

TDAccess is ideal for enabling trading partner communities.  It runs on the majority of hardware/operating system platforms in use today, and is easy to integrate into any environment.  The cryptography received the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 validation, a requirement for any cryptographic module that will be used by a U.S. government department or agency.  With flexibility in network styles, security protocols and operating system compatibility, TDAccess provides secure, reliable and flexible communication capabilities, even in the most demanding of trading partner environments.

The Next Generation:  secureXchange access

As security requirements and transmission methods improved, so did TDAccess.  bTrade and TDAccess have been at the forefront of this innovation.  The tradition continues as TDAccess now makes the migration to the next generation of requirements, and we are proud to welcome it as the new “secureXchange access.”