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Update #4: To Copyright APIs, or Not to Copyright, That is the Question

The United States Supreme Court (aka, the “Supremes”) left today for summer vacation, and on the way out the door they posted a list of cases they will hear in the fall term.  We thought MFT Nation readers would want to know that the Oracle v. Google case was not on the list.  So what does this development mean? (more)


Travelers Survey: Cybersecurity Ranks as the Second Greatest Concern for All Businesses

I want to offer a short follow-up to a previous MFT Nation post about the results of Aon’s Risk Solutions survey in which its business clients ranked cybersecurity as a Top 10 concern, for the first time ever.



Is Your Home Office Ready For Disaster?

Summer has not made its official start yet, but we have already seen some fairly unusual and extreme weather.  Whether you are a full-time home-office worker, working from home temporarily over the summer, or planning a “working vacation” (and if you are, shame on you!), there are precautions to be taken to protect your sensitive data and ensure that you have as consistent a connection as possible. (more)


Update: Beware of Data Security Vendors That Try to be All Things to All People

We wanted to follow-up with MFT Nation readers to let them know that our recent blog entitled: “Beware of Data Security Vendors That Try to be All Things to All People” was recently featured in an article by the publication (more)


bTrade’s Handy MFT Tips: What to Do with Applications during System or Database Maintenance

It’s no secret that properly maintaining your internal technologies is vital to their longevity and your company’s success.  The majority of businesses today could not function without them, and smart companies go to great lengths to properly maintain business critical systems.  Hardware needs to be maintained and replaced to keep up with increasing demand.  Operating systems and databases need constant updating to fix bugs, patch security holes and increase performance.  There is no avoiding this requirement which must be done on a regular basis. (more)

Update #3: To Copyright APIs, or Not to Copyright, That is the Question

In November 2014, we posted a piece about the Oracle vs. Google case and the ongoing court battle over whether APIs can be copyrighted.  In January 2015, we provided an update about the Supremes (a.k.a., the United States Supreme Court) inviting the federal government to submit a brief “expressing the views of the United States.” (more)

Beware of Data Security Vendors That Try to be All Things to All People

I have a question for those who attended the 2015 RSA data security conference in San Francisco.  Did you come away feeling a bit confused?  If so, you aren’t alone, as evidenced by comments made by two Gartner bloggers. (more)

Cyber Risk Cracks the Top 10 List of Global Risk Factors

Time for a bit of cybersecurity news from bTrade.

Businesses are Grappling with New Risks

Aon Risk Solutions, a global provider of risk management and insurance products and services, recently announced the results of its 2015 Global Risk Management Survey.  The bi-annual survey gets input from Aon clients consisting of public and private companies of all sizes from around the world.  According to Aon, the 2015 survey findings “underscore that companies are grappling with new risks and that there are differences of opinion on how to best prioritize and respond to them.” (more)


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